PANDEMIC memo to Patient and Families

Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery


June 17, 2020

Dear Patients and Families,


At the Best Centre, our services have always stemmed from our mission to keep our patients healthy until a cure is found. This is particularly significant now as we respond to the changes required to bring our staff and patients back to the centre. We will continue to provide information and updates as they are available. Please bookmark this page: Best Centre COVID-19 Updates.


It has been over a month since our last update, and I am proud to say that all staff have done an amazing job in providing “BEST” care and support in various ways. In the next 2 weeks, most staff members will be returning to work on site. The many steps we have taken to address infection prevention guidelines will require an adjustment period. All of our educators will be able to offer virtual care as needed moving forward, but to be clear, our goal is to return to majority in-person care over the next few months. Most patients and families have adapted well to this change, and we are learning that parts of our programs and services are better suited in the virtual mode (e.g. pump info night).


To keep our patients, families, staff and community safe, we will be implementing patient and staff screening, routine use of masks and eye protection, physical distancing on site, reduction in the number of people allowed in the centre and so on. Please see separate documents on website for the patients guidelines.


If you haven't already done so, we highly recommend that you sign up for our patient portal of resources on our website. Click HERE to request access to website patient portal. This will help the educators get you the information you need in the most efficient way.


Finally, we are aware of the high demand for pump education, and we are working hard to bring that to you in the most efficient, effective and safest way possible. Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone who has already supported us by donating to our COVID-19 Relief fund.

Please DONATE by clicking HERE.

Best in health,

Lorrie Hagen, RD, MHSc, CHE

Executive Director

Read about our COVID-19 Relief Fund by clicking HERE.

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