August 9, 2021



Pandemic Update


Dear Patients and Families,


At the Best Centre, our services have always stemmed from our mission to keep our patients healthy until a cure is found. This is particularly significant now as we respond to the ongoing efforts put forth by the Premier, our provincial government and our local public health department. As we are well into Step 3 of re-opening, the Best Centre is reminding patients that vaccination and safety procedures remain paramount.  Based on the evidence available, the medical team strongly encourages all patients, 12 years and older, and all of their close contacts, to be fully vaccinated with 2 doses. If you are concerned about COVID-19 vaccine safety in children please review the following:


We will continue to provide information and updates as they are available. Please bookmark this page Best Centre COVID-19 Updates.


With back to school time approaching, please consider the impact of this to you and your family. If you child is remaining in virtual school, you may want to consider if the plan for insulin injection supervision will change at home.


If your child is returning to school and needs a nurse, the School Nurse Program is provided through Home and Community Care Support Services (previously known as Central East LHIN). They have shared with us that your family will need to have a back-up plan in the event of unavailable nurses, especially within the first 4-6 weeks of the school year. If you haven’t already been contacted by us or seen in clinic recently, please let us know of your plans for school. Please email this info to


Enjoy the rest of your summer and stay safe!

Best in Health,



Lorrie Hagen, RD, MHSc, CHE

Executive Director

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