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This September, Kenadie and I will be participating in a very personal event... the 'Walk-for-the-Best' fundraiser for our diabetes education and counselling support centre that we count on to ensure we live a healthy life long-term; The Charles H. Best Diabetes Education Centre.
Please pledge our team and help us keep this crucial centre running, helping and educating Kenadie, myself and hundreds of other adults, teens and children! This is a cause near and dear to our heart (and other major organs).

Please click the DONATE button to pledge us today!
Every pledge over $25 gets you an automatic entry into the raffle.



Kenadie and I both have Type 1 Diabetes. We rely heavily on the resources, support, comprehensive education and life skill instruction we receive on a regular basis from The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre, which promotes positive integration of diabetes management into daily life.


YOU can help to ensure our centre gets the funding it needs to continue providing best-in-class programs and support by pledging our walk team; Kenadie’s Krew


A pledge of $25 buys 1 ticket, a pledge of $40 buys 3 tickets and a pledge of $75 buys 10 tickets. All pledges over $20 will receive an electronic tax receipt.  .

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$50 Ultimate Dining Card

$25 Amazon Gift Card (x2)

$10 Starbucks Gift Card (x2)



Winners will be drawn and notified by September 30th.

100% of the proceeds from the raffle will be donated to The Best Centre

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Please take a moment to view this great video from our walk a couple of years ago, graciously produced for us with time and services donated by Blu Joose Creative. A huge shout out to Cory and Phil for doing such a wonderful job capturing the essence of our walkathon. Thank you, again... SO much!

Photos from previous years...

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