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Charity # 136623295RR0001

WHERE: The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre
                360 Columbus Road East, Whitby, ON L1M 1Z5

WHEN:  November 25th from 5-8pm


If you are not able to attend the screening event, it is still possible to participate. Please call for more information on alternative ways to be screened. To book appointment  or for more information please contact: 

The Canadian Trial Net Study Team
Toll-Free: 1-866-699-1899
Email: trialnet.diabetes@sickkids.ca

TrialNet is coming to the Centre!

An invitation from The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre on behalf of the TrialNet team at The Hospital for Sick Children



Get your family screened today. Having a family member with Type 1 diabetes can significantly increase your risk of developing diabetes. TrialNet offers a simple blood test that can identify increased risk for Type 1 diabetes many years before symptoms occur.

Why get screened? 

  • Screening is the first step on the pathway to prevention – those who test positive may be eligible to join research studies testing ways to delay and prevent the disease

  • Participants in the study who are at higher risk are closely monitored for the earliest signs of Type 1 diabetes; early diagnosis can lead to better health outcomes

  • Participation in research helps give scientists a better understanding of what causes diabetes which may help prevent or cure this disease one day


TrialNet offers screening to family members of people with Type 1 diabetes.

Who can be screened?

  • 1st degree relatives (parents, children, siblings) between the ages of 1-45

  • 2nd degree relatives (cousins, aunts/uncles, grandchildren) between the ages of 1-20  

TrialNet would also like to invite previous participants of the TrialNet Natural History Study who are due for their annual re-screen blood draw to attend this clinic. Children under 18 years who previously screened negative are eligible to be re-screened on an annual basis.