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Charity # 136623295RR0001


  • ​We are a Registered Charity

  • Our services are provided in a welcoming, home-like setting

  • We specialize in Type 1 Diabetes; paediatric and adults

  • Promote positive integration of diabetes management throughout all life stages

  • We follow a small number of children and youth with Type 2 Diabetes

  • We have paediatric and adult medical representation on Board of Directors

  • Individualized follow-up appointments with your educator/counsellor of choice

  • On-site paediatric clinics provided with clinical team

  • Ongoing education for our patients and family is a priority

  • Ongoing professional development of clinical staff a priority

  • Ability to implement new management strategies and technological advances quickly, driven by patients, staff and specialists

  • Diabetes educators on call after hours for urgent care

  • We have an Outreach & Engagement Committee comprised of patients and families working in partnership with the Centre

  • We provide a holistic approach to supporting our patients and their families

  • Our pregnancy program includes prevention, planning, management, and follow-up 

  • We support and encourage patient advocacy

  • On-site counselling available

  • Clinical outreach program encompassing home visits, Telehealth appointments, education program for schools, group homes, daycare and other community agencies, emergency kits

  • “Patient Voice” is given high importance

Supporting The Best Centre is a meaningful way to leave your mark on the world to benefit generations of Canadians affected by T1D.