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Best Centre patients and families have access to a wide range of programs and services offered by our multidisciplinary team.  We offer expertise in type 1 technology, life transitions, school support, multiple caregiver support and fun events 

People with type 1 diabetes are at greater risk for developing heart disease, kidney disease, amputation and blindness.


Initial Diagnosis & Education


  • Initial contact with a Best Centre clinical team member at diagnosis to provide essentials of type 1 diabetes management and routines through the first months of diagnosis

  • Home visits available as required for paediatric patients

  • Education sessions of 1-2 hours each as needed

  • Daily contact with educator for dose adjustments as required

  • Review of cost and access to supplies 


Follow-up Appointments


  • Goal setting

  • Individualized sessions with a nurse and/or dietitian educators and social worker as needed 

  • Reinforcement of new skills and expanding on information available

  • Assessment of how patient and family is managing blood sugars and coping overall

  • Preparation for college/university life, shift work, sports, transitioning to adult specialist

  • Transitions throughout the life cycle

  • Education and support for partner, spouse and other caregivers


Nutrition Program

  • Individualized, flexible meal planning for all ages

  • Carbohydrate counting and label reading

  • Weight management

  • Education related to alcohol and drugs, vitamins and supplements 

  • Recommendations for special occasions

  • Recipes, snack ideas and cookbooks

  • Nutritional counselling for additional health issues

Insulin Pump Program


  • Recognized ADP program by Ministry of Health for insulin pumps (paediatric and adults)

  • State of the art insulin pump program initiated in 2000

  • Individual/group education and management: assessment of patient/family readiness for pump, pump information night, pump school, pump initiation and continued follow-up to ensure success in patient control, satisfaction and adherence to ADP requirements

  • Advanced Pumping program

  • Continuous or flash glucose monitor education  


Type 1 Pregnancy Program


  • Advance pregnancy planning with the clinical team is ideal

  • Bi-weekly appointments with educator to prepare patient for the stages of pregnancy

  • Facilitate patient access to services of diabetes specialist, obstetrician, geneticist, ophthalmologist 

  • Screening and prompt intervention with any concerns

Mental Health Program


  • Initial assessment and on-going support available for all patients 

  • Referral to community agencies as required 

  • High-Risk Patients support 

  • Support groups


After-Hours Urgent Care Program


  • Clinical staff member availability 24/7/365 for newly diagnosed and urgent patients




  • Individualized appointments available to meet with educators through secure remote access via mobile device or computer


Other Services


  • Activities for patients and families for fun and support

  • Fundraising events – Walkathon, Golf Tournament, Gala, Bingo

  • Variety of opportunities for volunteer participation

  • Annual conference for health professionals focused on adults with type 1 diabetes

  • On-site point of care HbA1c testing - by finger prick with results in 6 minutes

  • Education sessions arranged for schools, extended family members who are primary caregivers, day cares, group home staff and a variety of community groups and service clubs

  • Emergency kit provided for all newly diagnosed paediatric patients; extra kits available for purchase

  • Cutting-edge education in T1D technology including blood testing meters, insulin pumps, continuous glucose sensors, flash monitoring and other devices

  • Participation of our clinical team members in community health-related events

  • Opportunities to participate in type 1 research projects (e.g. Trialnet)

  • Outreach & Engagement (Volunteer) Committee

  • The Best Centre also accepts community placement of university students including nurses, dietitians and social workers (subject to availability)

Follow Up
Pump Program
Pager Program
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