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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month (NDAM). Please take some time to check out our T1D topics. We encourage you to share this information on your social media to help educate and raise awareness about type 1 diabetes.

Today's post spotlights a clear and impactful awareness effort created by a mom from Texas and dad from New York who joined forces to create awareness about the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes in an effort to save the lives of children and adults being misdiagnosed. They believe it's time to...



It's no secret that the media does a substandard job of distinguishing between type 1 and type 2, often mixing the two types together under one label: 'DIABETES'. This perpetuates the confusion and makes an already difficult disease all the more challenging to manage.

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Please share this page, and/or Get Diabetes Right's awareness materials to help in the efforts to raise awareness. There are graphics (below) and materials available for download on their website or visit their Facebook page. Please note: this is an American website, so references to blood glucose numbers are in mg/dL and need to be converted to mmol/L (divide by 18) to be properly interpreted in Canada.

DISCLAIMER: You are strongly encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this site, and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician. PLEASE DO NOT DISREGARD PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL TREATMENT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON THIS SITE.

Nothing is more impactful than the lived experience. Please send us your stories and photos for us to share throughout the month using the form, below or by sending us an email to If you'd like to be a part of the O&E movement, please let us know by using the form, below, to tell us where your passion lies, what your interests are, who you're connected to and how you can help.

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